Cardinal Holographic Rainbow Window



Cardinal Holographic Rainbow Window Film, Cling, Sun Catcher, Sticker, Prism, In Memory Of, Inspirational, Remembrance Bereavement Gift

Approximately Height: 3 inches X 3 Width: 3 inches

Inspirational & Magical:

We all could use a reminder of our inner magic.

Like a rainbow, you are a unique spectrum of beauty.

Here is your rainbow! You are a pot of gold!

Don’t forget your magic.

This is a perfect gift for someone that needs a reminder that after a storm you will always find a rainbow.

In Memory of & Grief & Remembrance

Love transcends death.

Our loved ones send us Signs from Heaven like Rainbows, Butterflies, Feathers, Cardinals, Dragonflies, Blue Jays, Dimes, Pennies, and more.

God winks, synchronicities, signs, and messages are often overlooked.

Apply your sticker to a window with direct sunlight!

Includes full instructions on how to use the rainbow makers.

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